Titan Sunrise LWP Lite 1.2.1

Source:Ace Apps

A stunning view of an alien skyline.

To use:
Press Home -> Menu -> Wallpaper -> Live Wallpapers

Titan Sunrise is a 3d (OpenGL) Live Wallpaper for your android device that simulates an incredible alien skyline. Named after one of Saturn's moons, this wallpaper attempts to simulate what someone might experience if they were standing on the surface and gazing at the gas giant.

If you enjoy this wallpaper, please consider donating to our cause to deliver quality apps by purchasing the full version of this wallpaper.

With the full version you can:
- Choose from 16 different textures for the planet and 8 different textures for it's rings
- Adjust the movement speed, color, and size of the sun
- Tweak the appearance and animation of the moons
- And much more!

Please e-mail us below if you experience any issues with the wallpaper and we will work to resolve it in the next update. Thank you.

This app uses a modified version of Robert Green's GL Live Wallpaper Service: http://www.rbgrn.net/content/354-glsurfaceview-adapted-3d-live-wallpapers

Tags: Space, Planets, Solar System, Galaxy, Stars, Nebulas, Night, Day, Orbit, Science Fiction, Astrology

Last Updated:2011-09-18 21:45:14
File size:4.29MB
OS:Android 2.1 and up

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